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How Girlymays began

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

At 15 I was the youngest to be hired into Kroger's bakery department. Being a minor I was only permitted to stock pre packaged items on to shelves, tables, and into display cases. I could package and bag fresh baked goods and slack out frozen product for the baker to make the next day. In my down time I'd watch the cake decorators create customer orders with ease. I wanted to do it too so I was given a icing bag to practice borders, roses, and icing the whole cake with buttercream icing. The more I practiced the better I got and soon I was permitted to practice on single layer cakes and cupcakes.

After graduating high school, I left Kroger in 2000 to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine. A change in plans brought me back to Kroger at 20 years of age. This time I was placed on the Deli department but my interest in cake decorating pulled me over to the bakery where I was eventually allowed to do customer orders as a back up decorator. I taught myself techniques by researching and taking courses offered by HobbyLobby in fondant. I perfected my skills by creating items like cupcake pull aparts, single Layered cakes, jumbo cupcakes, and specialty cake orders.

Over the years my passion to make customers satisfied through my creativity grew and after graduating from CSCC in 2012 with an A.A.S degree I left Kroger to pursue my own career in Foodservice and Restaurant Management. From 2013 until the present I have provided custom creations and many other treats for the sweet tooth.

I'm truly thankful for the support that I've received from many and I will continue to create memories through my baking and decorating skills.

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